Tema de "El viaje de Chihiro" (dos versiones)

Sept 2006
"One summer day" (Ano Natsu He): El tema principal de "El viaje de Chihiro" (música de Hisaishi, película de Miyazaki). Grabé dos versiones, la primera en LA menor, la otra en MI menor. Ninguna de las dos me convence demasiado... El segundo video tiene además algún defecto de edición (parpadeos). Algun día tendría que grabar una mejor versión.
"One summer day" (Ano Natsu He): main theme of "Spirited away" (music by Hisaishi, movie by Miyazaki). I recorded two versions, the first one in A minor, the second in E minor. Neither satifies me much, perhaps someday I'll record a better version.


  1. My friend have recommended me those anime lately and I like it very much, so I downloaded some of the ost from youtube and found out about your guitar arrangement for these. I really admire your great work. Actually I have just practiced guitar for a short time and at a very basic level, but I really want to practice your arrangement. I'm working on this "One summer's day" version which I found out to be your second version of it on E minor. I have just heard your 1st version in A minor the first time and I think it closer to the original song, so I want to practice it, but I can't find that version in A minor. So if you don't mind, please send me the tab of it, please? My e-mail address is: just4study@rocketmail.com. Thank you very much!!!

  2. I didn't write the score for the Am version, all my scores are available at my webpage. Thanks.

  3. I really want to practice the first video version!!! DO you have the tab?


  4. Please read the previous response.

  5. Hi, your arangements is amazing ! Thank's for all your video
    I want more arangement of studio Ghimli's music !
    And i have a request : can you make some music of the anime "Summer with Coo the Kappa" If you don't have seen it i recommende you to watch this amazing film !
    So.. i hope you understand and And excuse me because of my bad English.
    (I'm french ^^ )

  6. Agradecería muchísimo que hicieras la versión 2 en otro video que se pueda ver mejor..