Dos tangos de Fresedo

"Pampero" y "Vida mía", dos tangos de Osvaldo Fresedo, mi arreglo para guitarra. Dedicado a la memoria de mi padre, que gustaba de la orquesta de Osvaldo Fresedo - y que cada vez que soplaba el Pampero (viento, seco, del sur-oeste) se le venían a los labios aquellos versos ("viento macho y altanero...")

MP3 .

Letras: Pampero -
Vida mía
Versiones de Lidia Borda: Pampero Vida mía

Fresedo con Dizzy Gillespie.

Hugo Díaz


  1. hello I've loved your videos for years and greatly appreciate your tabs.

    I am curious how you hold your guitar. holding it high up like that has always been hard for me (even with footstools!), but I know it makes playing much easier. any tips or advice would be appreciated :)

    thank you, keep up the beautiful playing!

  2. Thanks Andrew. I use (since a few years ago) a support, Ergoplay-like.