The real folk blues (Cowboy Bebop)

Mi cover de "The real folk blues" (Yoko Kanno), tema de los créditos finales de la serie de anime Cowboy Bebop.
My cover of "The real folk blues" (Yoko Kanno), music from Cowboy Bebop series.


  1. Hello from Indonesia. I really enjoy your work and want to learn how to play this song. Can you please tab it when you get a chance? Thank you so much!

  2. hello, i am from colombia and i would like to learn this song ... please tab it...

  3. Great adaptaions ! And beautiful playing, I love your tone and sensibility. (and also many thanks for sharing your socres and tabs) Are you planning to tab this one also (please say ye) even if it may represent a lot of work. Anyway, tahnks !