Adoria No Umi He (Porco Rosso)

"Rumbo al Adriático" (Adoria No Umi He), vals de Hisaishi para la película "Porco Rosso" (Miyazaki). Música calma y feliz, tras la excitación de la fuga y el difícil despegue en los canales de Milán.
"Towards the Adriatic Sea" (Adoria No Umi He), waltz by Hisaishi for the movie "Porco Rosso" (Miyazaki). Happy and relaxed music, after an exciting movie scene: the escape at the canals of Milan.


  1. Pretty funny that the majority of your audience for this song on Youtube are males aging 25+.

    Lovely song, thanks Hernan. I'm going to try and play this by the end of Spring break.

  2. Thank you for all those great Scores! They are not too difficult but challenging for me. Its always this songs that my friends like most when i play for them.

    Greetings from Germany

  3. Amazing.

    How wonderful to keep discovering more beautiful pieces like this...